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February 2018
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October 2015
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June 2015
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Deanery Resources

The following documents provide guidance on Finance and the running of Churches...

Parish Share 2017 - Calculator v3
(Uploaded 25 Oct 2016)

'Diocese of Glouester Development Fund' Presentation

Parish Share 2016 - Slides

Parish Share Explained
(Uploaded Mar 2016)

Being Church in Every Parish
(Uploaded Mar 2016)

Alistair and Liz Wasey presented their ‘Draft Framework for Continuous Christian Development’ at Synod in June 2015 as a work in progress and asked that we consider it and give feedback...

'Framework for Continuous Christian Development' Material

'Framework for Continuous Christian Development' Presentation

Deanery Synod

In the Church of England, a Deanery Synod acts as an intermediary between the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) of each parish within the Deanery and the Diocesan Synod. It is convened by an Area (Rural) Dean and comprises all the clergy licensed within the Deanery and lay members elected by the parishes of the Deanery. Deanery Synod lay members are elected by the Annual Parish Church meeting, numerically in proportion to numbers on the Electoral Roll of the parish, and serve for three years.

Deanery Synod usually meets three times a year; meetings include reports from parishes, from the Parish Share Officer and from Diocesan and General Synods, updates on Diocesan initiatives, strategy and finance, and speakers on a wide variety of issues relevant to the Church of England; in recent Severn Vale synods we have had presentations on community policing, youth work, mission and ministry, hospital chaplaincy, the Diocese's "Journeying Together" strategy and its implementation at Deanery and parish or benefice level. There are opportunities to share good practice and advice and learn from each others strengths. There are links between benefices fomerly in the Deanery of Gloucester North and those formerly in the Deanery of Forest North before the merger. Deanery Synod can propose motions for debate at Diocesan Synod, whose members are elected by Deanery Synod, and its members should convey information and opinion between Diocese and parish and vice versa.

Synod Officers

Area Dean: The Rev'd Simon Mason
01531 820248 |
The Rectory, 43 Court Road, Newent, Glos. GL18 1SY

Lay Chairman: Mrs Sue Padfield
01452 862509 |

Secretary: Mr Robert Cook
01452 714309 |

Treasurer: Mr Steve Riddick
01452 712447 |

Parish Share Officer: Canon Roger Parker
01531 890795 |

Pastoral Standing Committee: All those named above, together with The Reverend Jane Walden, the Reverend David Gill and Mrs Monica Richardson